Science fiction, mystery, adventure.


The story takes place in Splash World, a fantastic universe that Alex Terex has been developing for over ten years. This world has a special kind of humans with various supernatural «deviations». They are called Nimbs.

Target audience: +16

Narrative structure: horizontal

Number of episodes: 8

Runtime: 30 minutes


A well-coordinated tandem – a strong, determined Dina and a fragile psychic Sonya – work for Circle, an organization that studies people with supernatural abilities. The girls go to a distant marshland to check detected anomaly. They do not even suspect what awaits them in these deadly swamps…

Splash is an action-packed science fiction series that combines futuristic elements and the rugged spirit of the backwoods.

Dina and Sonia, who are leading a dangerous investigation on the outskirts of civilization, are interpretations of the classic protagonists of the detective genre. Like Holmes and Watson in The Hound of the Baskervilles, the fearless girls set out to track down a mysterious creature lurking in the swamps, which eventually turns out to be a distraught nimb trying to hide from human eyes.

The ambience of Splash is hazy autumn landscapes, gloomy swamps, dark water of deep lakes, an ancient moonlit grave mound in a dense forest, crooked shabby houses… It’s futuristic devices and hazy pictures of the past immersing us in the mysterious world of psyon girl’s visions.